I, American (adj) (redefined 1/29/2017)

I never thought I’d say,
I’d live to see the day,
I am ashamed to be an American
Watching my President,
A man people voted for as the “lesser of two evils”,
Debase the ideas on which America was built,
I feel a tremendous amount of guilt,
And sorrow,
Regret over serving my country in the Navy,
Only to be,
Amongst the chorus of loud voices,
Waiting for 2020,
Praying for a candidate,
A better choice to win
Over the ego monster who uses verbal filth as a weapon,
Preying on the widening divide between “us” vs. “them”,
While his merry band of sycophants plunder the nations treasury
I wonder how could this be,
Going from an ethical man,
To a man with the tiniest of hands,
Asking myself when will wake up from this nightmare,
Hoping this isn’t the beginning of America’s tragic end

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017



You’ve been President for two weeks,
And boy do I feel weak,
Knowing that as you,
Donald Trump,
The Emperor NERO of the 21st century,
As America,
Modern day Rome,
The powers that be hoping that as we,
The factions,
in our great land argue,
The Emperors men plunder (u),
Robbing the spoils of our great land,
Leaving us (America) stripped to the bone

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017


Lo Trump may come to power,
As the Republicans cower,
Trembling at the feet of the Orange Lord eager to do his bidding,
Instead of hiding,
I get to stand fast,
Never back down,
Remembering that I’ve seen worse living in NYC,
So if I can survive a Trump presidency,
I can even survive being left out to sea

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017

(insert name) in vain: (an observation)

If God,
Or Allah,
Or Hashem were real,
Would they feel,
Do they notice,
Can they see,
Are they angered the harsh stings of people taking their names in vain,
Saddened the crimes committed in their names,
To weep and stop the sufferings inflicted on the voiceless,




Because if they did,
If they were real,
Having the ability to feel,
to see the sufferings inflicted on the voiceless,
to feel the harsh stings of people taking their names in vain,

to feel saddened by the crimes committed in their names,

To speak out against them,

to be angered by the harsh stings of people taking their names in vain,

I don’t see them making a big fuss,

Because if they were real,

You’d think they’d make a huge noise by NOW!?!?!?

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017

An Admission of Self Destruction

I spent my time living in judgement,
Compassion apparently on consignment,
Tossed to the side in favor of my nightly drink(s),
Drowning the ability to remember,
To feel love,
To forget the ever present question as to why I’m here,
Amongst the faces and names who think little to nothing of me,
Wondering how could this be,
Thinking that maybe,
Just maybe,
There’s room for me too

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017


As I abound in wonder,
Walking down the streets amazed,
A 35 year old going on 5 discovering the wonders of chocolate,
From the joys of MoMa PS1,
To the delights of Ferrara’s

To the music veberating out of Alphaville,
And Sunnyvale,
And Shea Stadium,
And the Knitting Factory
The microcosms within the microcosms of life,
The spirit within this town,
And everything else in between,
From the Bronx to the Battery,
And from Brooklyn to Queens
I am reminded that I call you,
New York City,
Still wondering how can this be,
That I’m lucky enough to call you,
After all,

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017

20th Century Lessons In Homophobia 

I saw you,
all 200lbs of depression and angst,
A walking shade of choked blue,
Shoulders hunched,
Face punched,
Riddled with the aftermath of homophobic fury,
The high school football team asserted their displeasure,
The sight of you so displeasing their teasing was insufficient,

Had you only held on

And saw beyond the town limits,
As well as I (finally did),
Would have finally found our tribe
Finally knowing,
And glowing,
That being different,
And never having to hide who you are,
Is a truly heaven sent gift

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017