Ode (To Alphaville)

As the night gently fades,
Into the winds of yesterday,
The deafening beat of punks thriving drums slip,
Making way for ego,
Millenial bastards intent on thinking they run the world,
Murdering karaoke ballads,
Destroying originality,
One verse at a time

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017


Brink (Crash B-Roll)

As I flew,
Three feet in the air,
I heard the wind as it blew me straight to the ground,
As I quicky found

My eyes wide shut,
The cinemascope began to roll,
the A,
And most certainly the B rolls of that mess called my life

Seeing where I went wrong,
reasons flowing at 16:1,
30 stills a minute,
Images within images,
Syncopated revelations

Realizing I made my life,
and all of my self inflicted strife,
all about me,
And the penultimate I

Failing to see,
For all the times I made my I about I,
I forgot to live,
To see,
The beauty that truly abounds

Judging the world for my misfortune,
Expecting others to care for me,
Holding on to my pain,
Expecting others to pay,
Forgetting all the while,
I had,
a SAY,
in the course of my life

Stuffing the anger,
at her,
My mom,
Forgetting I’m now a man,
Maybe i should have a plan,
Maybe i should forgive her,
And all the bullies,
The relatives i haven’t seen,
And the next time I’m confronted with life’s fuckeries,
the FUCK,

Somehow waking up,
I drank from the cup,
of the ultimate SECOND CHANCE

I may not believe in God,
but if He,
Or She,
Believed enough in me,
To have the fellow who hit me back up,

JUST ENOUGH to avoid running me over completely

The least I owe Him,
or Her,
Is to take the gift horse i was given,
And run with it,
Taking the hint

To live my life,
and stop with the self inflicted strife,
By finally getting the fuck out of my own way

And to the remaining revelations i couldn’t see then,
They’ll manifest in time,
With no rhyme,
And definitely no reason,
Except to say I’ll see them,
Along with the many seasons I’ll get to see,
And feel,
And savor

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017


Out of nowhere,
I felt every hair,
Stand up,
When I felt him,
Ram his car into me

As I flew into the air,
I wondered how could it be,
That my routine was thrown into chaos,
Admiring the view three feet off the hood,
Only to crash,
Right side first

As I lay motionless,
My life shining,
Intersellar flashes before my eyes,
I wondered if this,

Is there all that’s left,
Am I doomed to have lived a less than stellar life,
Who have I hurt to deserve this,
Who do I need to make things right with?

please God if you’re out there wake me up, if i have to make amends i will

Did this happen because i left the Church of The Proverbial Broken Human Concern,
Did this happen because i sought my slice of heaven at the expense of my family,
Did this happen because I’ve spent month’s not letting life simply be,
Do I need to go back to the Church of the Proverbial Broken Human Concern,
Was I judgemental,
Was I unloving,
Void of love,

And as the inner near death monologue waned,
Walking into the abyss,
I felt not a kiss,
But a slap,
Waking me up,
Only to remind me,
That I am now a survivor of a hit and run

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017

The Scale (for those who struggle with the idea of beauty)

One day,
When all is said,
And finally done,
May you look in the mirror,
and see the beauty within that I always saw

Because outer beauty fades with every wrinkle,
Inside however,
Stays the same,
So stay true to you,
And your grace,
Your light,
And your smile,
Knowing that in the end,
That’s the only true beauty that matters

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017 (originally written in 2015 for a friend)

Untitled #42

And lo,
as the storm beckons,
Grey as the ambiguity which inhabits this plan called life,

As the rain falls,
If you listen closely,
Intently as you would your dearest,
You can almost hear the inevitable,

The sun emerging,
Reminding you that this,
Shall pass

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017

Untitled #50

Of all the things I miss,
Along the long and winding road called my life thus far,
Isn’t the elation felt from my first kiss,
Nor the feeling of my being 23,
totally and utterly carefree

I miss the ones who I know who’ve passed on,
And that magical phenomenon,
Where the endless wonder of discovering the new through the lense of youth,
Where time seemed to stretch on ad infinitum,
Seemed like forever

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017

Escape From People Pleasing

I spent my life,
ALWAYS in a state of strife,
Asking for acceptance,
Praying to never feel the pangs of being less than,
Mother riding me for being too fem
I wanted to be like them,
The ones I saw as “normal”,
Wanting to be whole,
My soul aching,
Wondering why I suck,
Wondering if I’m doomed for a life of insanity,
Wondering how things could be
Until I woke up,
Drank from the cup,
Of immaculate courage,
Formed the beginnings of fortitude,
And became okay with the idea,
That I,
am more then enough
And when I ran with that idea,
I felt hope spring within in,
Sprouted wings,
And finally felt,

© Gregory J. Broderick 2017