The First Boy

(A poem excerpt from my book, “The Coincidental Optimist (poems: 1998-2016)” now available on

The First Boy

We met,
And I bet
That the moment we met
We’d be inseparable

We hung together all the time
There was no rhyme
Or reason,
It felt amazing

I spoke little Greek,
You spoke no Greek,
And we stuck out like sore thumbs,
Instant bosom buddies

You knew if you kissed me I’d like it,
I unsure,
But the moment we went to the church overlooking the sea
We embraced and you said,

“Let it be”,

And kissed
I knew then
Much to my chagrin,
You shattered my world,
But I didn’t hurl,
In that moment of absorbing too much too soon,
I smiled,
And you became the first guy to beguile me

Soon to be followed by an endless stream of others

© Gregory J. Broderick 1998,2016


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